By Sonali Desai

 In the times when everything you eat, drink and wear is delivered instantly. Did you wish everything was so instantaneous? On a similar thought, if you are standing in the balcony admiring the budding plants in your garden, thinking your grand children would bear the fruits of your hard work, then, think again. Instant-gardening has come to your rescue.

Instant-gardening is a western concept. In India, in the year 2007, this type of gardening was brand new. In the present day, the demand for instant- gardening is spiraling. With the birth of this concept many homemakers are enjoying the perks of having a garden in just 24 hours.

All you have to do is place an order for the choice of your plants, trees and shrubs. Despite the fact that this concept is instant it also brings with it a boon. You don’t have to devote every evening and morning in watering your plants, and crave to see them grow. These are fully-grown; all you have to do is maintain your readymade garden. Thus, this type of gardening is not only fast but also eco-friendly.

About the landscaper
Dr Krishna Chavan (founder of Ratnashri landscapers) hails from Belgaum and is one of the renowned landscaper in the country. He has completed his graduation from Dharwad University of agricultural sciences, and has specialised in landscaping. So far, he has created instant-gardens for about 14 houses in Belgaum.

Ask him how he developed interest in gardening he said, “I was very fond of nature right from my childhood. And then pursued my interest and did my graduation in landscaping. Today, if I have so much knowledge in this subject then it’s because of interest, hard-work and practical understanding in the subject.”

Talking about instant-gardening Dr Krishna said, “You plant a tree today, and you eat the fruits today only. You don’t have to wait for ages. But people are ignorant of the benefits of the instant-garden, they don’t want to spend. Why don’t people spend on nature? In Europe, no house is without a landscape. We teach the importance of environment in school and we forget. “

He has also conducted workshops for farmers which focused on understanding sustainable horticulture and floriculture. For children, summer camps were conducted in north-east to create awareness on environment. “We are also planning to conduct summer camps for children in Belgaum. In these camps, we divide them into groups teach them tree planting, and also conduct workshops on environment issues,” informed Dr Krishna.

The instant-gardening comes with a package which includes- a vegetable garden, aromatic & medicinal plants, ornamental garden, plants that produce maximum oxygen and a compost. A beautiful garden can create positive energy with the help of vastu, and if you are a believer of vastu then that will also be taken care of.

Apart from instant-gardening and residential landscaping, Dr Krishna Chavan also conducts teaching and training in Ikebana floral art (Japanese art of flower management), bonsai culture, fruit and vegetable dry and natural flower arrangement, events, party decorations and terrace gardening.

Belgaum projects:
Business ashram
Eefa hotel
Ramkrishna ashram
local residential gardens

Ramoji Film City (Best Talent award)
10-15 Awards received so far
Demonstrations and workshop conducted and attended (India &abroad)

For the cost and other details contact: 0831- 4206903/09845513763